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Olde World Stone & Tile President John Panagos knows a lot about his business. And what he knows, he's applying to his incredibly unique and comprehensive business opportunity. “In concrete,” says Panagos, “if you use too much water, you weaken the product. The less you water it down, the stronger your product gets.” With that principle in mind, you can rest assured that you won't find Panagos watering down a thing about his company's history, their exclusive products, or the infinite potential of those who seriously pursue his opportunity.

“I didn't want my opportunity to seem like a big secret,” Panagos begins. “I genuinely want to help people succeed at this.” For most of his professional career, Panagos was in sales and marketing management for various big name companies like R.E. Dietz Co., CRC Industries, and STP Corp., taking him all over the country. In 1991, while in Pennsylvania he attended a business opportunity trade show, and was introduced to the then virtually unknown concrete products industry. Recognizing the potential of the business right away, Panagos saw an opportunity to escape the corporate rat race, and immediately moved his family to Florida to open Olde World Stone & Tile.

“The company I'd bought my opportunity from at the trade show was based in Illinois,” Panagos says. “Within the first year, we had redesigned and fine-tuned their manufacturing process for them, and were doing their training of new Producers as well, in addition to making concrete products locally. A year later, my wife and I were able to purchase the original company and began designing and manufacturing our own products under our Olde World name.” After taking over, Panagos noticed he was getting a lot of pressure from consumers and trades people to offer his products in other parts of the country. Drawing from his own experience, he decided to begin offering start-up packages to teach eager entrepreneurs about the business, and how to manufacture and sell their own concrete stone products.

Last year, after doing a number of consumer market tests, Olde World opened “The Mold Store.” This distinctive on-line shopping site enables entrepreneurs and do-it-yourselfers to work with Olde World products on a small scale, either for their own home improvements use, or to try before deciding whether or not to pursue manufacturing them commercially. “Because I wanted as many people as possible to know about the opportunity,” says Panagos, “I designed our programs so that people who could only make small investments initially, would have just as likely a chance of success as those with unlimited funds to spend on complete turn-key commercial packages.” It turns out that Panagos' foresight was generous, since Olde World Stone & Tile is the only company offering concrete stone, paver, brick and tile manufacturing as a business opportunity investment.

Speaking with over 16 years of industry knowledge, Panagos is completely confident that now is the best time to get started in this business. “Manufactured stone, tile, paver and brick product use is at an all-time high, and continues to grow,” he says. “Consumer's are looking to improve their current homes over buying new ones, and want reasonably-priced, customizable products and services to do it with. No one wants to go to a huge retail outlet and buy 'cookie cutter' products that their next-door neighbor can get... they want something distinctive, but at an affordable price. Our Producers can offer them that.” Brick by brick, stone by stone, the market for these products is gaining serious altitude, and Olde World is helping entrepreneurs prepare to meet that need. “The custom stone produced with our system can be installed virtually anywhere. It's fire resistant, sound deadening, raises the insulation factor of walls…and equally important… it is “Made in America” and lasts virtually a lifetime.”

While the stats on the products are turning customers' heads, the stats on the income should be turning yours. The raw material required to produce one square foot of custom tile costs about $0.30, while the finished tile sells for upwards of $3.00. Stone, paver and brick products (depending on thickness) cost around the same and sometimes retail for well over $6.00 per square foot. While the profit guarantee is nearly as concrete as the product, the start up packages offered by Olde World range all over the spectrum. “We've tailored our packages with all potential entrepreneurs in mind,” says Panagos. “Depending on what is needed, and the package purchased, we offer everything including the training, molds, supplies, equipment and a protected territory to the budding entrepreneur. In addition, they get business planning, marketing materials, website assistance and lifetime support.”

Prospective Producers can start for however much they care to invest, with entry levels ranging from under $1,000 to $80,000 or more. Once started, a new business can grow at the owner's pace. While most packages with this kind of earning potential are affordable only to those with current businesses, a team of investors, or with a gigantic bank loan, Olde World Stone & Tile is not just for big leagues investors. Interested individuals can try the products and the process at whichever investment level they choose initially, and add additional supplies and benefits as needed. Getting their feet wet, so to speak, allows them to evaluate the process, and quell any fears or apprehensions about their future or investment. Once experienced, they can comfortably purchase what they need to grow their business on their own terms.

When asked what kind of person is best suited to pursuing his opportunity, Panagos is quick to reply that, thanks to their comprehensive training and support packages, any serious entrepreneur is more than capable. “It does help to be a bit creative or artistic, and a lot of people who think they're neither, find out they're both when they start making product.” As the market for these products continues to grow, gardeners, landscapers, contractors, and a myriad of other industries are looking for sources of this high-demand product, and finding it where they least expect it. “We have part-time and full-time, evening and day, men and women Producers...” remarks Panagos, “Some of our more creative moms have even started hand painting their tiles to further customize their products. There's virtually no end to this opportunity's potential.”


“It doesn't matter who you are, the main necessity is the desire to succeed. We provide everything else.”

John Panagos
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