To figure the number of molds that can be filled with an 80 lb. bag of premix, just keep in mind that an 80 lb. bag makes .6 cubic feet of concrete... that would be about 12 half-inch thick 12"x12" tiles.  The formula is as follows, and can be adjusted for whatever size molds you are trying to figure.  To get one cubic foot of concrete, you multiply 12x12x12 which equals 1728 square inches. 

To get the approximate yield from the 80 lb. bag of premix concrete, you multiply the 1728 square inches times .6 (cubic feet) which equals 1036.8 cubic inches.  To see how many 12"x12"x1/2" tiles you can make from that bag of concrete, you divide the total of 12x12x.5 which equals 72 square inches. (12x12x.5 = 72).  Now divide that into the 1036.8, which is .6 cubic feet and you end up with 14.4 tiles.  That's over 14 square feet of tile for an under $4.00 bag of concrete!  If you were using Portland and bulk sand, your cost would be a fraction of that.

Let's say you wanted to know how many 6"x6"x2.5" Pavers, (our #P-662 Paver), you can get from an 80 lb. bag of premix.  Figure your cubic inches to fill one mold... 6x6x2.5=  90 cubic inches to fill one 6x6x2.5" mold.  Divide that into the 1036.8 cubic inch yield per bag, and you get about 11 and a half P-662 Pavers per 80 lb. bag of premix concrete.

An 18"x18"x1.5" Castle Stone Stepping Stone?  Again... 18x18x1.5 = 486 cubic inches.  Divide that into 1036.8 and you get 2.13 stepping stones per bag.   That may or may not seem like that much of a yield from a bag of concrete, but keep in mind that an 18x18 steppingstone covers 2.25 square feet of area.  So you are getting over 4.5 square feet of area covered with a 1.5" thick steppingstone for about a $4.00 bag of concrete.  You are well under $1.00 per square foot in this case.

How About a 60 lb. Bag of Sand Mix

On average, you can figure that it takes about four pounds of Sand Mix to make one 12"x12"x.5" concrete tile. There are a number of variables, but this is the average yield. So if you need to determine how many 4"x4"x1.5" Cobblestones a 60 lb. bag of Sand Mix will make... you multiply 4x4x1.5 = 24 cubic inches of concrete Sand Mix to fill one 4x4x1.5" Cobblestone Mold. (Our CS-0404)

To figure the total yield of the 60 lb bag of Sand Mix, you figure 12x12x.5 per tile = 72 cubic inches x 15 tiles for that size per 60 lb,. bag, (4 lb. per tile divided into 60 = 15 tiles)  You would then divide the 24 cubic inches of the Cobblestone Mold into the total yield of the 60 lb. bag, which is 1080 cubic inches. You can make an average of about 45 of our #CS-0404 Cobblestones per 60 lb. bag.

If you wanted to do our CS-0606 Cobblestones (6"x6"x1.5") you figure your cubic inches to fill the mold... 6x6x1.5 = 54 cubic inches.  The divide that 54 into the 1080 cubic inch yield per bag to get 20 6"x6"x1.5" Cobblestones per bag.

Now that you have the formulas, you can figure the yield for just about any mold we make by multiplying the length by width by thickness, and dividing that figure into 1080 cubic inches... the yield of a 60 lb. bag of Sand Mix.

How Many Molds Will an 80 lb. Bag of Premix Fill?

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