NFL-2011 New Foreign Licensing Program: NEW!
Over the last few years, our customer base has expanded far beyond the shores of the USA. Unfortunately, we have not even scratched the surface of the potential consumer, DIY, homeowner, and trades business that we could be enjoying. This is mainly due to the shipping costs from the USA to other countries. Consequently, we are currently working on a program to expand the manufacturing of our molds under a License to entrepreneurs in other countries. Basically, we will provide all training, molds to make masters, the technology and systems information, on-going support, and everything else necessary to start and operate a foreign operation of The Mold Store. Further information will be available soon, so please advise us if you'd like to be kept informed about the progress of the program.

NFL Program - New Foreign Licensing Business Opportunity


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We continue to work on a Foreign Licensing Program for expansion and distribution of our manufacturing system, etc. Basically, we will be Licensing our mold masters, supplies, formulas, training, etc., as well as offering a central on-line support and web training site for the Licensee's customers. It will be an exact duplication of what we do here in the United States, with a Licensee created and managed on-line eStore, that will be servicing that particular country or Master License area.

We have such strong demand for our products from consumers internationally, but unfortunately the shipping costs sometimes present a hardship for them. Thus, we have only scratched the surface from our US operations. By having our molds manufactured in various countries or continents, we would overcome many of the logistic problems presented by manufacturing and distribution in the USA only. Any orders received on our US websites would be forwarded to the appropriate Foreign Licensee.

As an example, we do a lot of business in Australia, but also lose quite a few orders when the potential customer is informed of the shipping cost. We have sold customers in quite a few of the African Nations, so a Licensee on the African Continent would make sense. We do not sell to many prospects we've been contacted by due in part to "red flags" going up during the order process, and the reputation of certain countries in Africa. A Licensee in that area or for that matter on the Continent might have a much better knowledge and understanding of the area in question... thus possibly being able to do more business there.

"The Mold Store" Territory & License Deposit Listing in our eStore:

A $5000 USD Deposit is required to secure the "Right of First Refusal" for the License and other benefits of our soon to be released The Mold Store "Foreign Licensing Program" for the purchaser's country of choice. The program will include training and other benefits to be determined, but will basically include the right of and assistance in, setting up a business operation that duplicates that of our current business "The Mold Store", in the country of their choice. This will include the License to manufacture and market all of the current and future Olde World Concrete Mold designs. Final and complete release of the program specifics should be available by the first quarter of 2011.
Should purchaser of this "Right of First Refusal" decide not to move forward with a License for their Territory of choice, they may apply this $5000 USD deposit to one of our other Commercial Business Start-up Packages that does not include a mold manufacturing license.
The Package may include at minimum, complete training in the manufacture and marketing of our molds and supplies, to include design and manufacture of mold masters, machine set-up and operation, marketing to both Licensee's consumer and business opportunity customer base, and other ongoing support.
Equipment may include vibrating tables, mortar mixer, and a vacuum forming machine, the size and capacity of which will be based on anticipated mold production estimates for the Licensee's Territory. If necessary equipment is available locally to the Licensee, we will provide recommendations and consultation as to the equipment necessary for the size of the Licensee's operation. This will help save the Licensee shipping and acquisition costs.
Licensee will be provided with a Protected Territory Licensing Agreement, use and access to our central Training and Instructions websites for their customer base, and ongoing support. Complete training package and support for the Business Opportunity Producers set up by Licensee will also be provided.

Licensee will also be provided with molds to make production masters, start-up quantities of chemicals, concrete colorant, supplies and/or local contacts for same.

An agreement on the complete benefits and support will be based on the Licensee needs and wants, and will also be based on the specific territory location and other factors such as Territory size, location, population, etc.