Examples of Staining and Coloring Techniques
Used on Concrete Stone, Pavers, Tile, and Bricks

Our NEW #0936 X-O style of tile molds are 4"x4"x1" thick, and offer a unique interlocking shape that can be poured as thin as 1/2" thick. Each #0936 pair includes one each of "X" and "O" shapes and costs $1.99.
#0939 Tiles in Lt. Gray & Red
#0939 Tiles in Black & White
#0939 Tiles in Dark Gray & White
#0939 Tiles in Tan & Red
#0939 Tiles - White Plaster of Paris
#0939 Tiles Sheet of Ten Mold Pairs

Our NEW #0938 Daisy Tile is 4"x4"x.75", or pour to 1/2" thick.  It offers a subtle daisy design great for walls, trim, or counters. 

Nine #0938 Daisy Tiles poured in Plain Gray Cement

Same Nine Daisy Tiles Stained in Mauve & Brushed With Gold Paint

Daisy Tiles in Buff, Umber, Goldenrod and Red

Set of Six Daisy Molds

We've added a number of Travertine Tiles, Bricks, and Trim Pieces that have been requested, including our T-0175 Round Celtic Rope (2"x8"x1"), T-0176 Flat Celtic Rope (2"x8"x.5"), T-0306 Travertine Brick Tile (3"x6"x.5"), T-0404 Travertine Tile (4"x4"x.5"), T-0606 Travertine Tile (6"x6"x.5")

T-0176 Flat Celtic Rope Stained in various colors & Gold Brushed

T-0306 Travertine Brick Tile Stained in Ocean Blue

T-0404 Travertine Tile 
Stained in Ocean Blue

T-0606 Travertine Tile 
Stained in Honey

#0181 Scottish Clan Badge Tile Stained Aqua Green - Gold Brushed

SS-1000 Tropical Leaf Steppingstone 
Stained Sea Foam and Gray Antiqued


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