Stone Mold Sizes of the Different Styles of Olde World Stone Molds

Olde Kentucky Limestone Mold Sizes - (1.25"-2" Thick)

#OKL-01 = 9 Molds = 5"x11.5", 7"x10", 5"x7", 4.5"x11.5", 5.5"x7", 4"x12", 4.5"x8", 4"x13", 5"x19".

#OKL-02 = 8 Molds = 4.5"x12", 5.5"x11.5", 4.5"x13", 7"x11", 4"x13.5", 2.5"x11.5", 5.5"x13", 6"x19".

#OKL-03 = 7 Molds = 8"x21.5", 4.5"x22", 5"x6.5", 6"x8.5", 6"x6.5", 7.5"x10.5", 7.5"x10.5".

#OKL-04 = 9 Molds = 4.5"x19.5", 4"x19.5", 2.5"x16.5", 4"x13", 4"x9.5", 4"x5", 5.5"x7", 7"x14", 5.5"x7.5".

#OKL-05 = 10 Molds = 4.5"x16", 6"x7", 5"x8.5", 6"x6", 5"x5.5", 5.5"x13.5", 3"x7", 5.5"x11", 6"x6", 5"x8".

#OKL-01 Limestone Set

#OKL-02 Limestone Set

#OKL-03 Limestone Set

#OKL-04 Limestone Set

#OKL-05 Limestone Set

Olde Appalachian Fieldstone Veneer Mold Sizes - (1"-2" Thick)

Olde Drystack Ledgestone Veneer Mold Sizes - (1"-1.5" Thick)

#OAF-01 Fieldstone

#OAF-02 Fieldstone

#OAF-03 Fieldstone

#OAF-04 Fieldstone

#OAF-05 Fieldstone

#OAFD-01 Fieldstone

#OAF-01 = 10 Molds = 9"x10.5", 5"x7.5", 6"x12", 8.5"x11.5", 7.5"x12.5", 5"x6.5", 8.5"x9", 7.5"x8", 7"x14", 7.5"x8".

#OAF-02 = 5 Molds = 9"x10", 9"x11", 10"x11", 11"x16", 13"x22".

#OAF-03 = 12 Molds = 2"x7", 4"x7", 5"x6", 5"x7", 6"x6", 7"x9", 7"x11", 7"x14", 8"x9", 8"x10", 9"x10", 10"x11".

#OAF-04 = 14 Molds = 5.5"x8", 3"x4", 6"x8", 6"x7", 4.5"x7", 3.5"x7", 4"x5", 5"x7.5", 5.5"x9", 5"x6", 7.5"x9", 3"x5", 6.5"x9", 7"x10".

#OAF-05 = 8 Molds  = 4"x7", 4"x8", 6"x8", 6"x10", 8"x8", 9"x11", 10"x16", 13"x15".

#OAFD-01 = 6 Molds (2"-3" Thick) = 15"x17", 7"x10", 10"x13", 8"x11", 9"x13", 8"x9".

These molds are just like the above Olde Appalachian Fieldstone Molds except thicker.  They can be poured to the same thickness as the OAF Molds and will blend in perfectly.

#ODL-01 = 16 Molds = 2.5"x11", 2.5"x10.5", 2.5"x11", 2.5"x11.5", 2.5"x12", 2"x10.5", 2"x11.5", 3"x9.5", 2"x9", 2"x11.5", 2"x10", 2"x10", 3"x11", 1.5"x10.5", 3"x11", 3"x10".

#ODL-02 = 16 Molds = 3.5"x8.5", 2"x9", 2.5"x8.5", 2.5"x7.5", 1"x7.5", 2"x7.5", 2"x8", 2"x8", 1.5"x13.5", 2"x15", 2"x14.5", 2"x16", 2"x15.5", 2"x16", 2.5"x14", 2"x14".

#ODL-03 = 14 Molds = 3"x10.5", 2.5"x10", 3.5"x12.5", 1.5"x14", 3.5"x14", 3"x11.5", 3"x11", 3"x11.5", 2.5"x11", 2.5"x9", 3.5"x8", 3"x7.5", 4"x9", 3"x10".

#ODL-04 - 16 Molds = 2"x7", 1.5"x8", 2"x9", 2.5"x10", 2.5"x11", 3"x12", 1.5"x12", 3"x12", 2"x16", 2.5"x16", 2"x15.5", 2.5"x15", 1.5"x7.5", 2"x7.5", 2"x8.5", 3"x11".

#ODL-05 - 24 Molds = 2"x7.5", 2.5"x7", 2.5"x7", 2"x6.5", 2"x7", 2"x6", 3"x7", 1.5"x6", 4"x5", 2"x7", 2.5"x8", 3"x8", 3"x8.5", 2.5"x8", 2"x8", 2"x8.5", 3"x6.5", 2"x6", 2.5"x6.5", 2.5"x6", 2"x5.5", 2"x6.5", 3"x7", 3"x7".

Olde Ocoee River Rock Veneer Mold Sizes - (2.5"-3" Thick)

#ODL-01 Ledgestone

#ODL-02 Ledgestone

#ODL-03 Ledgestone

#ODL-04 Ledgestone

#ODL-05 Ledgestone

#OOR-01 River Rock

#OOR-02 River Rock

#OOR-03 River Rock

#OOR-04 River Rock

#OOR-05 River Rock

Each Set consists of twelve (12) all-different "Olde Ocoee River Rock" concrete molds, to make custom-colored, light, medium or heavy weight River Rock stone veneer for walls, foundations, chimneys, fireplaces, barbeques, paths, patios, etc. The application and installation will determine the weight of the stone you should make. Complete FREE instructions are included with each mold purchase. Stone molds will be cut from the sheet prior to shipping to save space and offer better protection to the molds. The molds are illustrated here in full sheets as they come off of our machine to show the differences in each stone.

These molds are between 2" to 3" thick, and 4" to 9" across the base of the stone. The molds can be used hundreds of times if cared for per our simple instructions, enabling you to make thousands of different and unique River Rock stones that will last virtually a lifetime. They are made with .060 high-impact, rubberized ABS plastic, for strength, flexibility, and durability.

Olde World Castle Stone - (1.5" Thick)

Should you need molds or moulds, colorant, concrete sealer, stains, or other concrete, cement, or plaster supplies for your handyman or home improvement project, please visit our catalogue website at or our shopping cart website at  to get ideas.  If you are interested in starting a concrete stone and veneer, or concrete and cement paver, brick or tile business, visit our Olde World Stone & Tile Business Opportunity website at for full details, instructions and various stone making and other concrete product making packages.  We also offer D-I-Y Packages in our catalogue and on our shopping cart websites.



#OOR-01 - 6"x6.75", 4.5"x6.75", 4"x7.5", 6"x7", 5"x7", 4"x8.5", 3.25"x8.75", 6"x7", 5.75"x6.5", 6.5"x6.75", 5.25"x6", 4"x9".

#OOR-02 - 6.25"x6", 4.5"x6.75", 5.25"x8", 5.5"x7.75", 5.5"x7.5", 5"x8", 4.25"x7.5", 5.25"x6.5", 5.25"x7", 5.5"x7.5", 4.75"x8", 5"x6.25".

#OOR-03 - 5.25"x7.25, 5.5"x6", 5"x6", 4.5"x7", 6"x6.5", 5.5"x6.75", 5.5"x7.75", 5.5"x7.5", 5.75"x7.25", 4.5"x6", 6"x6.5", 5.5"x6".

#OOR-04 - 4"x7", 5"x6.5", 5"x5.75", 5"x7", 5.5"x6.75", 4"x7.25", 5"x6.25", 4"x5.5", 6"x6.25", 6.5"x7", 5"x6", 4.25"x6.5".

#OOR-05 - 6.25"x7", 6.75"x6.75", 6"x7.5", 6"x6.5", 6.5"x7", 7"x7.5", 6"x7", 5"x7.25", 6.25"x7", 6"x7.25", 5.75"x7.5", 7"x7.5".

Olde Drystack Flat-Face Stone Veneer Molds - (1.5 - 2" Thick)

You can make a custom-colored, standard, medium, or light-weight, Olde Drystack Flat-Faced veneer stone with these molds.  Each was cast from actual stones.  These molds come in five individual sheets, or sets.  Set #1 has 12 concrete moulds, #2 has 15 molds, #3 has 12, #4 has 13 concrete molds, and #5 has 20 molds.  The stones in each sheet will cover about six square feet of area on average without duplication if you flip the set upside down once.  The complete 72 mold set will then cover about 60 square feet +/- using this method in two pours.  Each mold is about 1" to 3" deep, with the heights and widths varying, as did the original stones that the molds were taken from.  The stone molds are separated prior to shipping to help protect them during transit and to assist you with the pouring process.  Complete FREE instructions are included with each mold purchase.  And any additional questions will be answered via email, should you have any.  Some of the stones have been mounted against each other to speed up your installation and so you can fill one larger mold that has multiple stones joined together.  We suggest that you use different colors within each stone cavity so the stones still look like individual stones when completed.






You can make custom-colored, standard, medium or light-weight, Olde Castle Stone and veneer with our molds.  Each mold was made from actual hand-cut stones that were made for the castle in the photo.  These molds come in twenty-three (23) individual sizes that range from 2"x6" up to 18"x18, as well as in a 10 Square Foot square set and a Cap Stone Set.  The 10 Square Foot Set consists of 30 different molds in a 10 square foot pattern. The pattern is available for free with the purchase of the set. And the Cap Stone Set consists of six molds, sized to fit on top of a concrete block wall that has a Castle Stone facing. Photos of each are below.  The molds are all a nominal 1-1/2" deep, but can be poured thinner should you want to make a stone veneer, or a 1/2" thick tile for a floor, counter top, wall tile, etc.  See the photo below of the castle, castle entrance, and gate pillar.

The photos below illustrate some installations using various sizes of Castle Stone.  This stone can be used for floors, patios, driveways, stepping stones, pavers, counter tops, etc., as well as in a vertical application like a wall.  As the stone you make ages, it looks more and more like an authentic Scottish or English Castle Stone.  (Below)

All of the Castle Stone Sizes are illustrated, and available for purchase in our Store.

#ODF-01 - 4.25"x4.5", 3.75"x9.5", 2"x10.5", 3"x11", 3"x11.75", 3.25"x12.25", 3.75"x11", 3"x11", 3"x11", 2"x10", 3"x11.5", 2.5"x13.5"

#ODF-02 - 2"x11", 1.75"x10.5", 2.75"x8.5", 2"x12", 1.75"x11", 3"x8.5", 2.5"x7", 3"x8", 2"x8", 2"x9.5", 3"x7", 3"x6.5", 3"x6.5",2.75"x6.5", 2"x8.25".

#ODF-03 - 8"x11" (3), 6.25"x7" (2), 5.5"x15.25" (3), 5"x6.5", 3.75"x6.5", 2.5"x20", 4"x11", 3.5"x14.5", 5.5"x12.25".

#ODF-04 - 1.75"x14", 2.5"x14.25", 2.5"x14", 2"x13.5", 2.25"x16", 2"x12.5", 2.25"x12.5", 2.5"x14.75", 3.5"x13" (2), 2.25"x12.5", 2.5"x13.75", 3.25"x15.5". 

#ODF-05 - 2"x7.5", 2.25"x6.5", 2.5"x6.5", 4"x22" (3), 1.5"x9", 2"x11.75", 2"x9", 1"x13.5", 2.25"x15", 3.5"x8", 3.5"x7.25", 3.25"x9", 1.75"x11", 2.25"x7", 1.25"x5.75", 2"x4.5"1.5"x10.75". 

NOTE: Numbers above in parenthesis are single molds representing that many stones in the one cavity.