What are “Angels” looking for,

when investing in a start-up business?

1) A Proven Success Formula - A business concept that has a proven track record. The right product or service for a specific marketing niche.

2) Cover the Cost of Funds - Friends and family are usually only interested in covering the cost of funds they're lending you. They are not looking to make a big profit from your business. For instance, if a parent were to cash a CD, borrow against real estate or stocks, normally they would only expect the same return on their investment, as they would have received anyway.

3) Return on Investment - Non-family investors are generally looking to cover the cost of funds as well as share in the profits of the company as a silent partner for a limited period of time.

4) Commitment - The unwavering desire, enthusiasm, and commitment you give your business plan is critical. Investors want to know that you are ready to give 110% to the project -- in good or tough times. Your commitment is usually more important to the investor than your management background -- management skills can be learned, attitude is critical up-front.

5) Prestige - Whether the Angel is simply making you a loan or investing with the desire to share in future profits, being part of a new entrepreneurial business is both prestigious and exciting.

Remember, you are not alone in your desire to own your business -- a lot of other people want to investigate ways to say goodbye to their bosses and enjoy more free time to spend with family and friends. Spread the word that you're looking for investment capital, that you're offering a good return on the investment, in a business opportunity with a proven success formula and track record, and... we're sure you'll get your money!

Contents Copyright © 1992 by Louis Ritter. All rights reserved. Reprinted by permission.

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